This is an early wheel thrown bowl in a simplistically elegant style inspired by classic Asian aesthetics.  It has a rich yellow glaze with a pleasingly regular crazing indicative of its age and creation.  Early in his career, Lovera explored traditional Japanese Raku glazes such as this.  A California ceramicist, Lovera was known for his traditionally thrown porcelain vessels with both rich color and lava glazes. His work has been shown and collected privately and in museums both nationally and internationally.

He began his pottery career in the 1940s and his work is included in some of the most prestigious collections in the world including the Smithsonian. He is best known for his crater or lava glazes which cover the surface of his bowls and vases with small pits and holes. He carried this technique to an unprecedented level of lathered, volcanic definition that has been emulated by ceramicists to this day. His work embraces the material, the role of chance in the firing process, and the concept of wabi-sabi, or the admiration of the imperfection of natural objects. This fine work measures approximately 4 and 3/4 inches tall and 5 and a 1/2 inches in diameter.  It is priced at 2200.00

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