This is a very nice example of an art pottery vase made by the Peters and Reed Company of Zanesville, Ohio. It is part of the Landsun or Chromal lines. They changed from red clay to white clay in 1926 and this shows some of underlying red clay at the foot so was most likely designed by Frank Ferrel - employed there from 1906-1918. In 1918 he left Peters and Reed to work for Roseville Pottery. This item has a beautiful, subtle pattern in greens, browns, blues and ochre. The glaze is in excellent condition with minor wear at the foot only. It measures 6 1/2" tall, 5.75" in diameter and 4" at foot. It is priced at 120.00.

Peters & Reed Pottery Company of Zanesville, Ohio, was founded by John D. Peters and Adam Reed in 1897. Chromal, Landsun, Montene, Pereco, and Persian are some of the art lines that were made. Peters & Reed used local red clay to make their pieces and introduced their first art pottery line in 1912. The company, which became Zane Pottery in 1920 and Gonder Pottery in 1941, closed in 1957. Peters & Reed pottery was unmarked.

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